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RAYYA KOMUDATA was born in December 2006, concept as a new home for ex-worker of a Telecommunication Service Provider Company in Indonesia (Telematika Java Duta) to continue and maintain the good relationship with customers that admit our commitment and our quality of work.

“RAYYA” means spring is a new hope to us that this company will bring us new inspiration and strength to work harder, working together to get more achievement.

“KOMUDATA” which is an acronym of Communication and Data in bahasa is the expression of our commitment to focus on Telecommunication and Information Technology business. The best and solid team-work is one of our biggest asset, for more than ten years we were working together to build many Telecommunication and Information Technology infrastructures at many companies especially in extra ordinary location, such as oil & gas industry and mining area.   We are committed to provide the excellent of services, excellent delivery time, and excellent solution.


Number one service provider in quality of services and trusted solution provider in Telecommunication and Information Technology sector everywhere.


To provide effective and precise Telecommunication & Information Technology solution, Technology improvement, and become a part of any new Telecommunication and Information Technology implementation.